Our lives are dominated by a world of moving images and having a greater and deeper understanding of how moving images move is today a sought after marketable skill.

Film studies are not a subject set aside on their own, but unite with other disciplines that give it a historical, cultural and critical context.

Main Theories

Most courses base their teaching on a firm knowledge of television and film aesthetics both history and theory. Also studies include television and film documentaries, European cinema, Hollywood cinema both classical and contemporary, silent cinema, Asian cinema, lesbian and gay cinema, feminist television and film, film and philosophy, British television and how it represents different genres.

Not to be forgotten are fashion and costume in cinema productions and the history of American television and film. Such studies offer undergraduates the chance to explore what has been seen and done so that can be drawn upon to evolve and formulate new ideas for the film and television industries. Sometimes, it is the genre that is a hit with an audience and sometimes it’s the characters and personalities involved with the act. Learning how to judge and predict audience reaction in a visual situation is all part of a Film and Television learning curve.

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