Developing an understanding of historical change is an enviable and essential discipline. History enables modern society to understand the context in which it finds itself. History courses generally encompass studying the past from prehistory (before 12 to 15,000 years ago) to the present day in Britain, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Main Theories

A history degree enhances a person’s understanding of those forces that have activated change in cultures, economies and societies. Some of these influences have developed through power and others through faith. History courses make you realise you live in a wider world. The studying of modern, early modern and medieval societies widens your perceptions and knowledge of different cultures. Studying the pasts of Iran, China Britain or America uncovers the forces that have helped to shape the global environment today.

Historians learn to read critically and they fully understand how knowledge is built and manipulated, are fast to reveal a mere interpretation of facts and become skilled at formulating arguments and suggesting solutions.  All History courses encourage and expect students to communicate clearly, challenge conjectures and articulate and back up their own ideas.

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