An information systems course is all about gaining the skills required by managers to solve business and organisational problems through the use of ICT. Much new information used by businesses today is processed and analysed through the use of information and communication technologies commonly referred to as ICT. Most of us are reasonably computer literate, but the depth required to more fully understand ICT requires an in depth study at university level.

Main Theories

Information systems concepts include information and data, the capturing storing and processing of data as well as its display. Understanding information systems in organisations and the socio-technical character of information systems are important concepts, too. There are many important virtual concepts, such as the fundamentals of computer hardware and the Internet, data storage systems, databases and files and cloud computing, as well as the operation of software and open source software. How to develop an information systems and its life cycle are covered in courses as well as successful applications development, systems implementation and the management of change.

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