This course is designed for students who have an interest in law and how it has an impact on the global world of international relations. The knowledge learned can be used to access careers in a diplomatic or political context. The crucial problems that confront the international community on a daily basis which include the environment, terrorism, poverty, cyber warfare, human rights, religion and intelligence are pursued on this course.

Main Theories

Much of the theory surrounding International Relations hinges on past historical events. It is through the studying and evaluating of relationships amongst and between individuals, groups and societies today and in a historical context that suggestions and solutions can be sought for today’s complex international relations. As borders and boundaries merge and languages coalesce then theories have to be appraised and adapted to take into consideration the changes unfolding in front of us. A student of International Relations is an ambassador for his or her subject when analysis and predictions are made about the unfolding of an international event.

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