Marketing courses are designed to enhance understanding and knowledge of marketing theory and present business management practices. Marketing is all about offering a product to a consumer in the hope that he or she will buy it. There are so many ways to market products and the method used will depend on the targeted consumer.

Main Theories

Studying and analysing consumer attitudes towards products and business is the theory behind marketing. It examines the behaviour of the customer in a changing world covering both international and domestic marketing issues while developing a flexible, creative and a customer-focused scenario. Theories of international branding, market research and finance for managers are all part of a marketing course.

Marketing theory is put into practice using theories of economics, marketing, workplace behaviour and accounting practices. There are other important concepts that need to be understood which include effectiveness of advertising, buying behaviour, the powerful impact of branding, the development and provision of new products by using market research to help meet consumer demands. International marketing is an important strategy in selling products but attention needs to be paid to its dynamics in order to fully utilize this avenue.

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