Media Studies includes Film and TV Studies, Public Relations and Journalism. These are viewed from the theoretical and practical perspectives and require students with active, enquiring minds who will be able to contribute and get the most out of this discipline.

Main Theories

Media studies encompass a broad range of study that depends on subjects such as the humanities and social sciences to gain an insight into the contextual relevance of media related issues. Media is studied in its text form, as a form of communication, and as modern life mediators of power and knowledge. An in depth understanding of magazines, newspapers, television, radio, cinema, mobile and social media and the Internet is necessary using contemporary, historical, global and national contexts. There is a need to know how the media works and functions in society and it is necessary to be able to evaluate the different types critically. Media shapes the way we think and act, so students of media should be thoroughly conversant with both the theory and practical influence that the media has on contemporary society.

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