Philosophy concentrates on argument and analysis concerning questions in relation to human intellectual history and the reality and the features of human existence. Courses cover the basics of ethics, epistemology logic, metaphysics and political philosophy. These courses attract students who want to immerse themselves in things that do exist in reality but their core concepts draw them away from reality into a deeper and more complex world view. There is a need to become immersed with what history has revealed and how this influences contemporary world views.

Main Theories

Philosophy is basically theory and covers topics such as metaphysics, ethics, epistemology, language and science and philosophy of mind. More advanced theories include the Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Psychology, Kant’s Theoretical Philosophy, theories of Justice and Art and the Understanding. Two core concepts studied are Greats and Morality and Rationality and Value. Later in a course, such topics including Knowledge and Realty and Mind Matter and Language, Common research areas that students specialize in are ethics, epistemology, ancient philosophy, philosophy of science and mind and cognition.

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