The major areas of Politics include Power, Politics and Society, Democratic Politics, Political Theory and International Politics. These subjects are developed throughout a course of study so that the student gains a wide breadth of Politics that shapes our world.

Main Theories

Politics is essentially based on theories and practical applications that alert the enquiring mind. It involves a high degree of analysis of political texts, political processes and systems including international politics. Theories covered go beyond just basic political theory but diversify to include Contemporary Political Philosophy, State, Economy and Society, War and Peace, Human Rights and Wrongs, Politics of Development and Environmental policy as well as the History of Politics in Britain.

There are other issues and theories that greatly affect Politics and they are ethnicity, the Green Movement and gender issues. Topical issues and theories are an integral part of any Politics courses which include Governance in the Global Economy and power and influence of the United States of America. Global justice and democracy in the Middle East are growing issues that are heavily influenced by the political persuasion that dominates a country at any particular time.

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