For a Property Management Course having an interest in managing properties and buildings like shopping centres and office parks as well as valuating a range of building types would be useful. Basically this course involves property not people. With so many complex high rise buildings in the UK they all need to be managed efficiently and economically. Any course in Property Management offers a firm grounding in the practice and principles of property management so that students are able to contribute significantly to business effectiveness.

Main Theories

Property management has theories that relate to competencies, knowledge and skills that are required in the majority of management roles today. It includes knowledge about engineering, information technology, marketing, the public sector, built environment, business and health and energy. The major parts of the study programme are theoretical, such as property economics and valuation principles, legal studies, land use planning and property development. In addition, a thorough and complete understanding and insight into the property industry and how it involves other environment linked professions and the broader business environment is developed.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is the professional body that recognizes these courses. Studies include Economics, Urban Studies, Legislation and Property Valuation as well as Urban Planning. The more advanced studies include Urban Regeneration, Advanced Valuation and Corporate Property Management. The sorts of organizations that are concerned with Property Management and employ professionals to handle their affairs are public utilities, financial institutions and local and central government.

Property management courses are designed to prepare participants to be able to manage properties in a broad range of environments and sectors including project planning, logistics, property management and consultancy.

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