There are many theories related to Psychology and they include Personality, Social and Abnormal Psychology. These aspects cover central themes related to the social human which include individual differences, personal relationships, co-operation and aggression and sex differences in personality development.

Main Theories

The theories of perception and cognition discuss the way our senses gather and evaluate information that appears around us. Cognitive psychology is concerned with the nature of the human’s intellectual ability such as thinking, memory and attention.

In the context of development and language there is a focus on how babies and children are able to learn, perceive and understand objects in the world outside and how they become language proficient and adopt logical reasoning. There are also abnormalities in development that Psychology addresses such as how deprivation can have an overall effect on development. From the clinical perspective, such conditions as anxiety, schizophrenia and depression are all related to the central themes of human behaviour.

Psychology courses do not always focus on human behaviour, but can also study the behaviour of other animal species. There is considerable overlap between these animal studies, especially of those animals that are most closely related to humans and the study of animal behaviour from a biological basis.

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