Religious studies or theology is much more than a narrow examination of the development of Christianity or other major religions of the world. Modern theology courses study a diverse range of subjects, including ethics and philosophy as well as the comparative belief systems of many of the world’s faiths, including not only Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism, but lesser known religions such as Sikhism.

Main Theories

Most theology courses prepare students for a world in which mutual understanding and respect is vital. Courses normally start with structured taught sessions in a variety of different modules, but the theory behind religion in general is normally covered as well as a basic introduction to those religions that are most closely aligned to Christianity, including Judaism and Islam.

Further modules normally allow students much more choice as they progress through their theology course and may include contemporary issues such as ethics and the role of women in religion and the reasons for historic conflicts such as between Islam and the West. Some universities arrange placement for a limited period in an institution where students are expected to contribute and then present their experience and reflections afterwards.

The final year in the typical theology course may include an extended piece of research on one or more fields chosen by the student and presented in the form of a dissertation.

Most theology graduates are reported to experience good prospects for employment in the wider society within a reasonable time of completion of their course.

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