Social Studies courses aim to offer a broad range of subjects which are traditionally grouped into this category. Usually, students select one of the subjects as a major to develop their academic understanding in more detail. Social studies subjects include business studies, economics, philosophy, politics, social policy and sociology.

Main Theories

Most social studies courses start with a foundation year in which modules are taken using a multi-disciplinary approach. Students may have a selection of what modules they wish to take as the number of possible subjects is usually too large to encompass all of them at the same time. Students typically specialize further as they advance into the second, third and sometimes a fourth year, especially if they take an honours course.

Most social studies course consist of taught classes based on the current theories on the different subjects together with compulsory dissertations or research based components, usually with the help and guidance of a university tutor. Some social studies courses may involve a placing in the workplace, depending on the subject selected as a major. There is good evidence that such placement in the real world as part of a social studies course is looked on favourably by potential employers.

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