Sociology is the discipline that examines human beings in society. It looks at contemporary societies everywhere and what makes them function and how they change. Sociology courses are for those who have a natural curiosity about their fellow men and women and prepare them for a wide variety of careers as well as offering, through research, valuable information for policy makers shaping today’s world.

Main Theories

Most sociology courses entail a study of social theory and examine why people react the way they do in society. Comparative studies of people in the past, as well as an appreciation of the diversity of the world’s different cultures, sheds light on the differences and similarities between different human societies. Many sociology courses will focus on the theories behind the development of disadvantage in society and what have been the various approaches used to tackle this.
Sociology courses expect students to think and discuss critically about the world around them. Many sociologists go on to take up meaningful and productive careers where they can make a difference to people’s lives, such as social work, teaching, the media, politics and work with the police and probation office and other government agencies.

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