Sports management degrees are important steps towards a career in any sports management situation. Most graduates find employment in their chosen interest area after completing a degree in this subject. Most courses involve a strong practical placement in a sports discipline or institution, a trend which is seen as more attractive to potential employers.

Main Theories

Sports management involves studying from a theoretical and practical angle the many ways in which sports associations, clubs and facilities are managed. The discipline allows students to prepare themselves to take up an important role in administering or managing sports facilities rather than concentrating on being the practical skills of the sport itself. Many sports have an important commercial element and some sports such as motor sports, golf, soccer and tennis are multimillion pound businesses. Sports management courses have a strong focus on the business aspects of modern sports and look at the relative merits of amateur and professional disciplines within a variety of different sports.

Many sports management courses will have a practical component which puts students in a situation where they can experience and contribute to the running of a sport of their choice in a real life situation. Having people who can manage these structures is vital and a sports management course is usually seen by employers as a useful ingredient in the selection of new employees.

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