Modern statistics courses study how data can be manipulated and presented for use in a huge variety of different disciplines. Statistics and probability are an essential tool in science, economics, engineering, accounting, sociology and history as well as in business management and administration and every level of government activity.

Main Theories

Most first degree courses in Statistics and Probability theory are part of a wider Mathematics degree. The proportion of statistics in the course may vary and there are usually combined Mathematics and Statistics courses available for those who wish to study a greater degree of statistics. Postgraduate courses, both at the Masters as well as the doctorate level are available in Statistics and Probability theory as well, with good prospects for high level employment after successfully completing these courses.

Having a strong statistics foundation is a good step towards many rewarding careers. Statisticians and analysts are employed in just about every aspect of modern human life and are not limited to the private or public sector. It is predicted that because of the expansion in the use of statistics in business management that there could be a severe shortage of business analysts with a strong background in statistics in the next ten years.

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