Taxation courses can be offered as part of a business studies or even a law course at degree level. Taxation studies can also be offered by a wide number of different colleges and institutions at a non degree level for those people who want to appreciate how the modern taxation system operates in Britain.

Main Theories

All taxation courses will cover the full range of different taxation systems uses in Britain. This includes business taxes such as corporation tax, capital gains tax and income tax as well as consumption taxes such as value added tax. Courses may also include a history of taxation and the reasons why it has evolved over the centuries of its existence. They may also refer to current issues in taxation as well as reference to other taxation systems used outside of the U.K., particularly those used in the European Union and other industrialised nations.

Taxation courses are an important part of all business studies courses and for anybody who is studying a law course and may want to specialise in legal matters relating to business administration and taxation. Non degree courses may appeal to anybody wanting to learn more about how the taxation system works either because of personal interest or because they wish to become employed or set up business as tax advisers.

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