Tourism and Hospitality courses can lead on to an exciting career in what is one of the fastest growing aspects of public leisure time and a multibillion dollar business. Tourism and hospitality courses involve a study of every aspect of travel for pleasure: transportation, accommodation, geography, culture and language.

Main Theories

Courses can be taken in tourism alone, hospitality alone or a combination of subjects. Hospitality tends to concentrate on the management and running of hotels and restaurants, and most courses would include important sections on preparing food and beverages and an introduction to different cuisines and cooking styles. Hospitality also focuses on successful management of hotels and accommodation options with an emphasis on managing finances, rooms and people.

Modern tourism and hospitality courses will examine current trends in travel and will by necessity look at the cultural reasons for the worldwide growth in tourism as well as the potential drawbacks for those societies where tourism is a major part of the local economy.

A tourism oriented course can focus on transport and travel options, travel agencies, tour operators and a range of other contemporary issues related to a business that is growing globally. The ease of access to tourism world wide with the developments in communications and transportation industry is part of the reason why a tourism and hospitality course can lead on to a large number of satisfying careers.

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