Final Appraisal

All pieces of work must be read over after completion and before they are handed in. This includes checking grammar and spelling and grammar, Also very important is whether the questions has been answered fully and nothing has been omitted. Normally, every fact written in the question will be applicable so think about each one in turn and examine and see if they lead on to any additional issues.

  • The student does not to answer the question – for example, they are     asked to ‘discuss’ an issue but they present a one-sided-argument
  • The essay is badly structured, without a proper introduction or not  reaching  a suitable  conclusion based on the examples  given
  • The arguments put forward are not strong enough, and are not supported by any reasonable evidence from appropriate sources.
  • The books/journal articles used are not referenced  correctly
  • The student has only described and not critically examined the question

What is actually required will depend on the assignment set and the university you attend. In most cases, your lecturer/tutor will judge your work for its content, how it is presented and how well it has been analytical.

Content – Your essay should indicate precise knowledge of the subject under discussion. It gives you the chance to show off your ability to understand  the key ideas, arguments and knowledge in relation to a precise issue or chain of issues. The content must be related to the exact question being asked, and referring back directly to the question while writing the essay will stop you straying off the point.

Layout  – Your essay should always indicate that you have planned it carefully. You should write down your issues, judgments and arguments in a clear manner being concise and precise. You must ensure that your discussion is backed up by theorists who are known and all other evidence should be referenced.  Specific terms should be utilised with care and the meanings they are being given should be clearly expressed. Your grammar, spelling and punctuation should be spot on and your essay should be arranged into logical paragraphs with the correct structure..

Quality of analysis – Your lecturer/tutor will be seeking out both description and analyss. You cannot  simply describe the rules or concepts in any one theme, you should try to evaluate what they mean and their effects, and show that you are conscious of the wider factors that may  influence the rules or concepts in that topic. Your aim is to indicate you have an awareness of existing debates. Subject matter should be chosen with care and critically discussed. Authority  ( other theorists) or evidence must back up all assertions. Make sure that the argument is logical.

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