DRS Research recommends the following tips to come up with that winning, convincing essay:

  • Establish your goals – Before writing your essay you must know what exactly you want to say at the end of it, and how you want to say it. Know what reactions you want to incur from the reader. Know what the point of your essay is, and keep your chosen perspective in mind as you are writing the essay. Click here to find out more.
  • Create a framework/outline – This is helpful in building on your thesis statement and. Your framework will guide you on what will be discussed in the essay, as well as helps the writer prioritise on what subtopics and leads will be emphasised. Frameworks and outlines help drive the point home effectively to the readers without getting them too confused. We can help you to form any research topic with free outline!
  • Describe, Define, Compare, Contrast, Cause and Effect – These are useful in any topic discussion. It keeps the reader involved and in touch with what you are talking about, and paints a picture of the point you are trying to make. It emphasises critiques and effective in incurring the reaction you want from the reader.
  • Keep Narratives Interesting – It is important to show, not tell with narratives. Using descriptions instead of mere statements help build up any narrative; the more creative you are with showing a story through words, the better.
  • Keep it Simple – Convoluted sentence patterns and highfalutin words do not necessary make an essay better. It actually only makes an essay seem pretentious; or shows that the writer is hiding behind the flowery statements because he doesn’t know what exactly to say. A clear, concise way of discussing a topic is effective for any essay and a creative, but understandable discussion of it is next in line.
  • Think Critically – Be observant and alert for any patterns and arguments that can help you show your point. Find different perspectives and know which will support or contradict your essay. Know how to back your statements up. Be consistent in stating your arguments, or goals. Click here to find out more.
  • Have Credible Sources – These are important in finding relevant information that has been said about your topic. Be careful though, because there are a lot of fake or deceiving information out there.