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These tips will help you improve your essay writing!

  • Tip One        Choice of essay title
  • Tip Two        The writing of the essay structure
  • Tip  Three    Your conclusion comes first
  • Tip  Four       Introduction Writing
  • Tip  Five       Essay body writing
  • Tip  Six        Writing your conclusion
  • Tip Seven     Top Essay Writing Tips
  • Tip Eight      A Qualified Professional helper

A standard essay will have a title, introduction, body and conclusion. It will also be essential for you to add references in the text to show where you located the information you have utilised, and a bibliography at the finish, which h amounts to a list of all the publications you read or made reference to while in the process of writing your essay. It is necessary to emphasise that a bibliography is not identical to a reference list – a reference list is made up of just the materials you have used and made reference to in your essay. A bibliography, additionally, can amount to books you have read but not actually mentioned (but that are related to the content of the essay).

1. Choice of essay title

In the case of undergraduate essays, the title or actual question will be handed out to you by your academic institution.

In the event of having to choose your own title, you must be clear that your title is a brief précis (summary) has been covered in the essay. For example:

“The Growth of Business as a Result of Mobile Phone Technology 1998-2008″

In certain situations you might change the wording of the title into a question form. For example:

“How does Article 25 of the CISG compare with English law relating to Fundamental breach of contract?”

In essence, if the essay title is written in a question form then you merely have to remind yourself to make sure you answer the question.

2. The writing of your essay structure

The decision to formulate your essay structure before writing the essay will aid you in following a more logical structure even if you do not follow it word for word but it may assist you to construct minor headings for the different parts of the essay (which you can remove later).

For example:

“How does Article 25 of the CISG compare with English law relating to fundamental breach of contract? Discuss.”


Issues to include

  • Part of the law – overseas sales – more important because of increase in international trade
  • What is the CISG – when is it used / when is English law applied?
  • Explain the meaning of a fundamental breach?
  • Aim of essay – compare fundamental breach under CISG to English Law


Issues to include:

  • Provisions of CISG relating to fundamental breach – Arts 25, 46, 49, 51, 64, 70, 72,  73 and key cases
  • English law on fundamental breach – examples
  • Comparison of CISG and English Law in relation to fundamental breach


Points to cover:

  • Common features between CISG and English Law concerned with fundamental breach
  • Major differences
  • Draw conclusions or make suggestions – which are the best option?

The draft is simply a rough guide and as you work your way through your essay you might discover that you are not really sticking to it, but it will assist in keeping your attention on the question.

3. Your conclusion comes first!

You might think it is a little odd to begin by considering your conclusion but if you have already worked out what idea or ideas you are attempting to justify before you commence, it will be a lot simpler to write your essay… As you proceed with your research, you will in a position to choose information to back up your argument. However, it is important to remind yourself to consider information that does not back up your argument – and then elucidate why it is your point of view is the best. It is, of course, to alter your stance as you move through your reading on the topic.

4. Writing your introduction

Your introductory paragraph will inform the reader of the content of the essay. It will, as well, highlight any specific points you have the intention of covering in the essay. It is necessary for you to attempt to indicate in your introduction the relevance of your essay and the reasons for reading it. Why is it that the topic is so important? Attempt to write the introduction so that it is interesting and the reader wants to discover more about the subject.

5. Writing the essay body

The main part of your essay is founded on the research and interpretation you have done in order to be able to put the essay together. In simpler terms, your major arguments, discoveries and facts related to the title are now placed in the body.

If the essay title indicates that you have to, “Discuss …” or “Analyse …” it is absolutely necessary that you follow those instructions For example, to “discuss”, you will have to put forward two or more sides of an idea (and in the concluding paragraph you will have to state which carries the most weight). To ensure you have a full understanding of the task, the best suggestion is to locate the words in the dictionary (e.g. discuss, analyse, critically analyse, consider, etc).

As you proceed through the writing process, ensure all that you add has a relationship with the question.  Where ever you can, you should indicate the usefulness of facts and figures that you have added into your essay and how they address the question.

6. Writing your conclusion

When you write your conclusion it will dwell on the major ideas you have written in the body of your essay. If the essay question was not chosen, you will answer it in the conclusion. There should be not repetition – but it must summarise precisely the main ideas in relationship to your findings.

All in all – the question has been answered to make it a viable essay and all the facts outlined in the title should be covered and a complete answer written.

7. Top essay writing tips

  • Examples used must be relevant – these indicate that you have a good   comprehension of the points that you have been discussing and they have been appropriately applied.
  • Relevant material only should be used – cut out any subject matter that has no direct relation to the question
  • Check the word count – scrutinise the writing and substitute better words where possible, minimise the number of words if possible
  • Don’t mask your arguments – make sure your reader has a clear understanding of the issues so ensure the right points are suitably emphasised.
  • Write down the exact references to words that do not belong to you – or put them into your own words.
  • Make sure you write in brief and straightforward language – get to the point – you won’t get marked for irrelevant information!
  • Using unnecessarily long words will not earn points – they will seem clumsy if not put in the right context.

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