The Project Report provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate the ability to investigate a topical business and management issue or problem, to collect, analyse and evaluate relevant information, to draw supportable conclusions and make recommendations for change.

Your should demonstrate that you can:

  • Prepare a realistic implementation plan for your research
  • Understand the principles or theory underpinning the issue or problem that is being investigated
  • Identify how to investigate an issue in order to reach a reliable view
  • Present data and other information in a clear and logical manner using quantitative or qualitative methods as appropriate
  • Critically analyse, interpret and evaluate data and other information
  • Develop concise and logical arguments
  • Draw relevant and valid conclusions and make recommendations which are appropriate to the issue or problem

Whilst there is no prescribed format for the Project Report, a report should contain:

  • An abstract or brief summary
  • An introductory section outlining the nature and context of the chosen issue or problem
  • A research strategy (explaining how you have approached the task)
  • A number of development sections (or findings) and
  • A conclusion and recommendations.

Source: Teesside University (Teesside Business School)