Marking Scheme

All universities and, courses as well do not have the same marking methods so it will be necessary for you to look up your institution’s way of marking. What normally happens is that there is general marking method made available from which you can get assistance you in estimating your possible grade.

Top Grade – First Class Honours

A piece of work that will receive a top grade will show most, if not all, of the following features:

  • exceptionally clear presentation in all ways, unique, creative content, especially with portrayal of argument
  • excellent familiarity of the subject
  • All the facts and debates show a thorough knowledge and understanding of issues
  • The materials which have been selected  show excellent interpretation
  • sound and compelling progression of an argument
  • the style of writing is the best for the writing task that has been tackled
  • articulation and fluency are flawless
  • reference to materials is clearly and correctly presented
  • innovative ideas and arguments have been used  in addressing the question

Second Class Honours: Division One

A 2:1 essay will the majority of the following features:

  • a fuller and more formed argument than a 2:2, with a marked and well presented and argued conclusion, portraying the aptitude to tackle the required parts of the subject matter with a clear understanding, intelligent interpretations are given to the question, and a large amount of suitable evidence cleverly provided.
  • in depth knowledge of the topic; facts accurately presented
  • clear understanding of ideas and arguments
  • capable of choosing and analysing suitable material
  • sound progression of an argument
  • a suitable writing manner that fits the standard of the work
  • intelligible form of writing
  • accurate writing down of references
  • a ambitious and well thought out reply to the question

Second Class Honours: Division Two

A 2:2 essay will show the majority of the features outlined here:

  • a thought out argument portraying some of the benefits and disadvantages of the issue, where suitable, with well chosen examples
  • good enough, but not entirely complete, familiarity with the subject; some mistakes related to the facts
  • just enough comprehension of ideas and arguments
  • sensible, although, faulty ability to choose and understand suitable material and opinions
  • some faults or breaks in the forming of an argument
  • a written form not really suitable for higher level writing
  • expression is not completely clear
  • some of the referencing is incorrectly written
  • the answer to the question is not entirely complete

Third Class

Writing attached to this grade with almost all the features listed below:

  • a few indications of the utilisation of the appropriate evidence to address the question, although the use of facts and evidence may be limited
  • not a thorough enough knowledge of the subject; some facts are incorrectly represented
  • a small amount of comprehension of ideas or arguments
  • some problems with the choosing and understanding of  suitable material for the task
  • some errors or omissions in the forming of an argument
  • the style of writing is not good enough for the expected standard of writing
  • sentences are not always written clearly and the ideas may lack clarity and consistence that is not always clear or consistent
  • references have not been correctly recorded
  • a full answer addressing the question has not been finished

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Fail – Normally Under 39%

Writing at this grade will show almost all, of the following features

  • content that is not relevant, unsure response, mistakes, lacking in the understanding of the topic
  • subject knowledge is not good
  • obvious errors in the representing of facts
  • no clear comprehension resulting in failing to understand the ideas and arguments
  • choosing and reviewing suitable material causes many problems
  • the argument does not follow a logical pattern and is not well developed
  • the form of writing does not suit this level of study
  • mixed up presentation of ideas which is not written in a logical way
  • references are not correctly written
  • the piece of writing is not long enough