What’s the structure for a report?

//What’s the structure for a report?

What’s the structure for a report?

A fair structure for a report could be as outlined below:

  • Title Page  This shows the heading, the writer, the Individual who will receive the report and the completion date.
  • Summary – This will make up around about ten percent of the content.
  • It will show the following
    • The intent of the report
    • The scale of the report – ideas put forward
    • The valuable results and answers
    • The conclusions and suggestions
    • Recognition to those individuals who have assisted in the compilation
  • Table of contents – this does not include the title and contents page!
  • Main Body of report – this will have:
    • An Introduction – a few sentences about the content
    • Argument  – put into parts, presented concisely and restricted to factual information and not a point of view
  • Conclusion – this will:
    • report back to the results outlined in the main body
    • include a precise summary of the main ideas
    • sketch the result s of the research

There should be no new information put into the conclusion that has been omitted from the main body.

  • Suggestions – these will:
    • recommend what is to be extended, who  should do this and when it is to be executed
    • be supported by results, they should not just be based on     the view of the writer
    • Surface from the conclusions.
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices – these contain additional material too comprehensive for the main body of the report, such as charts, questionnaires, tables and statistics
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