Many students are required to write a reflective essay after a group work, team presentation or anything the teacher thinks it’s a valuable experience. Your reflective essay should have the following points:


  • Definition of ‘team work’
  • What good about team work
  • Introduce what is ‘team role’
  • Link Tuckman’s theories about ‘team work’ + ‘team role’ into your experience of working as a team

Main Body

  • Use my real experiences (positive + negative points below) links with Belbin Theory about ‘team roles’ and compare it with Tuckman’s theory
  • Agree + disagree with Belbin’s Theory and explain why you disagree with it (in my real experience)
  • How the group members attitude to each other and how you response then link with some other theories e.g. Gibbs (1988) Reflective Cycle
  • Used some quotations from books about ‘team work’

Negative Aspects

  • Languages and cultural difficulties
  • Workloads are not balance
  •  Some discrimination happening
  • Less communication with some members in the group
  • Lots of misunderstanding because of languages problems

Positive Aspects

  • Many different ideas because our members are from 4 different countries
  • Many hours of group meeting which make our group members work more efficiency
  • Team work help us to know more about each other in the team


  • Things I have leant from this team work
  • Summaries what the essay is about
  • Make recommendation – how to improve, how to approach team work
  • Finish with quotation