Many students are required to write marketing plans, just to be sure, it is not an academic essay. To create the plan you will need to do a significant amount of background research and work on each section which may feel like a lot of work. Your strategic marketing plan will contain aspects of the following:

  1. The characteristics of the product. What is the unique selling point of your product plan?
  2. Marketing objectives (volume, value, margin, share of the market over five years, be it part of your work in total and or by segment)
  3. Market audit – competitors, populated/ “filled in” models buyer behaviour, market sizes, shares, forecasts (Note: you may want to access local population and other data here and create estimates where necessary).
  4. Segmentation and choice of key segments to address.
  5. You may want to include market research activities to draw primary data in order to understand your market better.
  6. You may want to use PESTLE or SWOT analysis (the strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats specific to your company). Consider using models here rather than simply listing the results of brainstorming.
  7. Marketing strategy and this includes a communication plan (i.e. 4Ps or more by segment and overall, customer relationship management strategy, in total and by segment).
  8. An action plan before the launch (this will include, but is certainly not confined to marketing communications activities; advertisement campaigns) and at least the first three months after the launch.
  9. A resource plan to include financial statement of the financial resources (e.g staff, market research costs etc) required to implement the plan.
  10. You may also include monitoring and control activities to ensure progress and also to measure the return on your marketing investment.
  11. Assumptions (note what your projections and activities will be based upon e.g. economic climate, pace of change, competitive activity, levels of available resource etc).